Keeping all VFR Faxes Secure is of the Highest Priority

In today’s fax environment, many end-users require security for their sensitive fax documents. Pangea’s services can all be encrypted insuring all faxes are secure, assisting end-users with their security requirements such as HIPAA.

Hosted Virtual Fax Reseller Services

  • Email to Fax, TLS Encrypted*
  • Fax to Email, TLS Encrypted*
  • PC to Fax, TLS Encrypted** (Print Driver Client)
  • Web to Fax, TLS Encrypted
  • Fax to Fax, TLS Encrypted

For end-users without TLS enabled mail services, Pangea also offers SSL fax that enables end-users to securely download any fax they receive via the portal.

*Require end-user’s mail service supports TLS encryption
**Requires TLS version of PC to Fax