Providing Complete Hosted White Label Internet Fax Services for VoIP Service Providers

Fax to Email

Pangea’s Virtual Fax Resellers (VFRs) offer their clients Fax to Email under their own domain. Users can receive faxes in their inbox as a PDF or TIFF attachment. Their fax number can be virtually anywhere in North America and receive incoming faxes directly to their email inbox.

Email to Fax

Pangea’s Virtual Fax Reseller’s Email to Fax is the ideal fax service, enabling the flexibility for your clients to send Internet fax directly from their standard email client to any fax number in the world using the Reseller’s domain.

Print to Fax

PC to Fax (Print to Fax) is the most popular way for sending a fax from any computer. You simply select “print” and choose “Internet Fax” as your printer. The fax is sent securely with TLS encryption through the Pangea Network for delivery. A confirmation appears once the fax completes.

Web to Fax

VFR Users can access the User portal and send a fax from any browser! Users can simply log into their account on the User Portal, click Web to Fax, fill-in the necessary information, send and view real-time status of the fax on the web. All of the common file attachments are supported.

Fax to Fax

Pangea’s Fax to Fax service is the most reliable Internet Fax to Fax service available. Users can keep their fax machine and reliably and securely (TLS encrypted) send and receive faxes over the Internet even with the poorest of Internet connections.

Secure Fax

Security of all faxes is of the highest priority with Pangea’s Virtual Fax Reseller services. All faxes sent and received over the Fax to Fax service as well as PC to Fax**, Email to Fax*, Fax to Email* and Web to Fax are TLS encrypted ensuring all faxes are secure over the open Internet.

Hosted, White Label
Internet Fax Services

25 Years of Reliable and Secure Internet Fax Services


Pangea’s Virtual Fax Reseller solution provides resellers with a complete set of Internet Fax solution service for their clients.
Pangea’s VFR solution is built on Pangea’s 25+ years of development and experience in Internet fax, offering its resellers the highest reliability, features, flexibility and value.

Secure Internet Fax