Fax to Email may be the most powerful and popular Internet Fax service offering of all of Pangea services for Virtual Fax Resellers. The number of Fax to Email users continues to grow as more and more people are and organizations are demanding the ease of use and convenience of receiving their faxes in their regular email accounts.

Virtual Fax Resellers can offer an ideal suite of Internet Fax services. Fax to Email services to their clients in combination with Email to Fax, PC to Fax, Web to Fax and Fax to Fax.

Clients of a VFR’s Fax to Email Internet Fax service will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Receiving all of their faxes in their own email account or multiple email accounts
  • Security: All Fax to Email are TLS encrypted assuming recipient’s email service supports TLS
  • Ability to electronically store important documents
  • Delete ‘junk’ or unwanted faxes without wasting fax paper or toner
  • Quickly forward or email received faxes to colleagues or associates
  • Real-time web reporting and management of faxes
  • Faxes are received in standard PDF or TIFF formats for easy viewing
  • Combine with Email to Fax, Web to Fax and PC to Fax to create a ‘Virtual Fax Machine’ on your PC.
  • Eliminates the need for costly fax machines, fax servers, fax lines and greatly reduces paper and toner cost
  • Improved productivity by utilizing Fax to Email services directly from their PC
Fax to Email is a low-cost, low-maintenance, high-margin Internet fax service for service providers to offer to their clients.  Pangea inventories thousands of DIDs across North America so you can quickly and easily provision new users.  LNP is also available for existing fax numbers.